Beginner course spring 2016

A HEMA beginners course focusing on German longsword (based on Liechtenauer as written by Ringeck) will be held this spring. For this year we will hold the beginners course primarily in English (unless all participants ar fluent in Swedish).

No equipment needed except for training clothes (preferably long pants) and shoes fit for in-doors training. Some working gloves are recommended to bring. Loan equipment will be available (masks and sword/sword simulators).

The beginners course will be 2 hour sessions once a week and will run from January to May. The goal of the course is to teach the basics of fencing (footwork, basic cuts and defence) and the basics of the Liechtenauer tradition. This will allow the student to continue learning advanced techniques of branch out to other weapons and systems after the course.

The course is open to all aged 18 or above (15 with parents permission).

Tentative starting date is tuesday 19/1 2016 (subject to change, please check this page for changes). The course fee is 400 SEK in term fee, plus 200 SEK as a yearly membership fee. You can come to two sessions for free to try it out.

Though we do not need you to apply in advance, we would greatly appreciate if you sent us an email to if you intend to come, or write a reply here on the page or on our facebook page. This is to give us some idea of how many are coming.

For any questions or inquiries, please email and we’ll be happy to reply.